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Abhishek Malakar

Tech Artist

MS Computer Science - Boston University
About Me

My mission is to use technology not just for domains that can monetize it but for every domain and organization out there that can help the world.

Hello! I’m Abhishek Malakar. I am a skilled tech professional with expertise in Java and React application development. With a strong background in software engineering, I have developed and maintained complex applications and systems with a focus on delivering efficient and high-quality code. I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and leveraging them to build innovative solutions that exceed client expectations. Additionally, I have experience in project management, ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards. I am passionate about leveraging my technical skills to drive successful project outcomes.

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Java Technologies
Python Technologies
Full Stack Development
UI/UX and Graphic Design
Machine Learning
Prominent Skills


Software Development

1.5+ years of industry experience in the field of Software Development

Web & App Development

8+ years of personal and industry experience in the field of web and app development

Data Analytics

Industry applied and Academic learning in the field of Data Analytics


Years of Industry Experience


Projects Worked on


Lines of Code Written

Full Stack / Software DevelopmentMobile ApplicationsData Analytics/Machine LearningUI/UX and DesignPoetry
Courses Taken at Boston University

Course Highlights

Graduate Algorithms (GRS CS 630)

Learnt fundamental algorithm design and algorithm analysis covering more advanced topics at the graduate level

Course Info
Object-oriented Software Principles and Design (GRS CS 611)

Focused on specification, programming, analysis of large-scale, reliable, and reusable Java software using object-oriented design.

Course Info
User Centric Data Systems (GRS CS 599)

Worked on algorithmic techniques and system design principles that help humans get meaningful insights into complex data processing pipelines.

Course Info
Mobile Application Development (CAS CS 501)

Used Agile software engineering practices in this hands-on course to design and implement mobile applications using Kotlin

Course Info
Spark SE Practical (CAS CS 519)

Perfected programming and system development skills by working on real-world projects provided from partnering organizations

Course Info
Principles of Machine Learning (CAS CS 542)

Introduction to modern machine learning concepts, techniques, and algorithms

Course Info
Data Analytics for Business (QST IS 843)

Performed statistical analysis of large datasets that do not fit on a single computer

Course Info
Cloud Computing (CDS DS 561)

Delivered project work on the public cloud while also learning some of the fundamental principles on how those different cloud systems work under the covers.

Course Info